Stolen: Trouble in Sweetwater

Producer and Reporter, Gimlet Media/Spotify, 2024

Our team investigated the disappearance of two women on the Navajo Nation and uncovered a crisis of policing, justice, and safety in the country's largest reservation. Over a year and a half, I went on several reporting trips, tracked down sensitive sources, scoured thousands of court records, submitted dozens of public records requests, and wrote and produced episodes.

Stolen: Surviving St. Michael's

Producer and Reporter, Gimlet Media/Spotify, 2022

When our host, Connie Walker, heard a story about a Catholic priest who abused her father at St. Michael's Indian Residential School, our team set off to find this priest and expose the truth about what happened behind closed doors at one of Canada's notorious Indian Residential Schools. Over the course of a year, I traveled to Canada numerous times to pour over archives, sort through tens of thousands of court records, and track down living priests and nuns. I led a massive data project that ultimately allowed us to report the names of dozens of alleged abusers at the school. Our series is the most comprehensive reporting to date on a single residential school.

Conviction: The Disappearance of Nuseiba Hasan

Associate Producer and Reporter, Gimlet Media/Spotify, 2022

Investigative journalist Habiba Nosheen spent three years trying to find out what happened to Nuseiba Hasan, a Jordanian-Canadian woman who vanished in 2006. I tracked down leads, scoured public records, and scripted early episodes.

Stolen: The Search for Jermain

Associate Producer and Reporter, Gimlet Media/Spotify, 2021

In 2018, a young Indigenous mother named Jermain Charlo left a bar in Missoula, Montana, and was never seen again. Our team followed the police investigation, tracked down leads, and examined issues of domestic violence in Indigenous communities. When Jermain's ex-boyfriend was arrested after our season concluded, I continued to report on the case and led production for our update episodes. 

Additional Reporting

The Counter

Reporting Fellow, 2020

I covered the food and agricultural industry for the award-winning non-profit newsroom. View my author page.

Slate Magazine

Video Intern, 2016

I filmed, produced, and edited videos across multiple beats. View my author page.


Visual Intern, 2015

I was a photojournalist and videographer for San Francisco's NPR affiliate. View my author page.

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